Custom Pet Portraits By Marnie

Make your memories last longer with our canvases full of colorful love! Whether you are looking for an extraordinary painting or a casual sketch, Watercolor by Marine is the solution. My love for pets and art has bought me here as an artist. We know that art feels like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to when you want to rejoice in the memories of your pet. We create perfection in pet portrait painting, which will stay with you forever!

Marnie's Tale

Becoming The New Grandma Moses...Everyone Has A Dream.

I trained at The Maryland Institute College of Art, now recognized as MICA. I graduated with a BA in Illustration in 1969, before computers.


I do memorable portraits of animals and people

Buy Handmade Watercolor animal Paintings

Get your hands on the best quality watercolor paintings at Water Color by Marine because we capture moments in time.  Our custom pet portrait on watercolor paper or sketch mounted on wood or a matted ready to frame. All you have to do is connect with us and make friends with little paws to be remembered forever through our custom pet portrait services. My love for pets and paintings got me here, where I dedicated all my time and passion to the exemplary commitment that encourages happiness for you and your pets.

All of my work is unique and entirely personalized. Every painting takes time to perfect. All of my creativity is based on how you want the canvas to be painted; apart from your furry friend on canvas, you will see a cherished memory.


"Comes With A Black Matt"

I do memorable portraits of animals and people. The process is:

• Text me or email me a photo or multiple photos. I will create a sketch and email/text you a copy for approval before painting.

• Will send you photos of my progress.

• When you approve the finished work, I will bill you through PayPal and prepare your painting for shipment.

• Your Image will be matted
watercolor painting of animals

Price Range
1 Person/Pet
5x7= $ 50 (sample on Home Page)
8x10= $120
11x14= $200
2 Persons/Pets
8x10= $230
11x14= $375
3 Persons/Pets
8x10= $360
11x14= $480

Upload Your Art

buy watercolor paintings
You are watching Unique images of print that are available for sale:
5"x7" $25. shipping included

8"x7" cost $35. Shipping included

The 5"x7" can be Mounted on Wood Block or in Black mat (8"x10" framed)

8"x7" comes with a Black mat (11"x14" Framed)
buy watercolor paintings
buy watercolor paintings
Copies of my Paintings
I am painting all the time. You can see what I am up to on my Blog.
Copies of each painting are made and mounted with a black Mat:
except 5”x7” (see below)
There are 2 dierent available sizes:

5”x7” on 28 lb paper
When matted picture frame will be 8“x10”

5”x7” on 28 lb paper
When matted picture frame will be 10“x10”
buy watercolor paintings
Copies of my Paintings

I paint all the time. You can see what I am up to on my Blog.

Copies of each painting will be available for purchase in my SHOP.

The prints are 5”x7” on 24 lb paper

mounted on a 5”x7” WoodBlock

A black mat, when framed, will be 8"x10."


Below are samples of all the designs available for purchase. The come in 2 sizes and 2 options for mounting:

Sizes 5”x7”

Mountings 5”x7” Wood block or Black Mat



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