10 Best Watercolor Paints For Professional Artists

10 Best Watercolor Paints for professional artists

Watercolors can be a great gift for people who are into art and crafts. One has to be very particular about these sets, especially if you are choosing a beginner watercolor set. Whether you are looking for the best watercolor sets for beginners or the best watercolor set for professionals, we have you sorted! 

Before we get started on the blog, here is a little bit more insight on frequently asked questions:

What Is Watercolor Paint?

Watercolor paints are some of the most accessible stains to use and have the capacity to produce beautiful works of art with just a few strokes and skills. Watercolor paints are mostly made up of color pigments and water-soluble binders that allow the pigment to stay and stain the paper. This causes the paint to liquefy, and you can then use the pigment to paint. Different variations are made to increase or decrease the viscosity of the paint. This can impact the quality of the color, making them relatively durable and practical on paper. A question we often get is regarding the difference between watercolor and digital painting, which is quite apparent. Watercolor paintings are specially made by hand, whereas digital paintings are created through applications and software, a relatively new art form! 

Pros and Cons of Watercolor Paint

Let’s talk a little realistically because every product has a life cycle, and here are some of the basic pros and cons of using watercolors. We are listing down the pros first:

  • They are an affordable medium to learn and flourish in your art skills
  • Since the paints are water-based, they are easy to clean in comparison with acrylics 
  • There is a mass market for watercolor paint brands, and you can find excellent quality according to your price range
  • These paints do not give off any foul odors
  • You can access vibrant colors in these paints
  • These paints tend to dry quite quickly 
  • You can even use hairdryers to speed up the drying process without messing up the paint or splattering its residue everywhere.
  • It is a relatively easy medium to work with 
  • There is little wastage in using these paints; it’s all about wiping your palette clean with water.
  • You can wash out all the brushes with soapy water and let them dry
  • These paints are easy to travel with and don’t create a massive mess with open tubes or splattering paints

Now that we are clear on the usage and access of these watercolors, the best way to understand the overall aspect is by learning about the consequences. Here are some of the common cons of watercolor paints. 

  • Learning how to paint with this thin consistency can be a task since the texture and thickness vary with every stroke. 
  • This painting technique requires much trial and error and practice to ensure the best outcome. 
  • You have to keep track of your work because once a stroke is down on paper and it dries, there is no going back. 
  • You have to choose an accurate medium to paint on because if not, the paint will slide off. You are limited by which surfaces you can paint on, as the material needs to soak up the color.
  • You have to wait for the paint layers to dry before adding more thickness to the canvas; otherwise, the paper will rip.
  • If you are working in a hot climate, this can cause the paint to dry too quickly and create hard edges.
  • Drying these canvases in the sunlight can also make the canvas lose its color and dry the paint in a lighter shade.

If you are looking for the best watercolor paints, we have compiled a new list of 10 highly loved professional artists’ watercolor paints. 

Windsor and Newton Pocket paint set

This is one of the best choices for beginners just starting up their watercolor journey. The brand is known for its top-notch manufacturing quality making it one of the best watercolor sets. 

Arteza watercolor paint set in tubes

If you are a fan of tube paints and need to buy high-quality products on a budget, this is the set you need! 

Daler Roney Travel set

For all the artists on the go who need a compact solution for their vibrant canvases, this is what you need! The pigmentation is just right for someone who creates masterpieces.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolor half pan set

The mentioned set is about ease. The saturation and pigmentation of colors are set on a botanic theme which is suitable for all people who need an ample amount of color but with limited storage or for someone who is just starting up the delicacies of watercolor painting. 

Daniel Smith tube watercolors

The wide variety of tube colors allows the artists to explore their niche, whether they want to make full watercolor pet portraits or simple scenic paintings. 

M. Graham watercolor set

With a solid range of easily mixable pigments, the idea behind these watercolors is to allow users to maximize their potential from painting. With just a spritz of colors, these colors are ready to be played with! 

Rembrandt Metallics

If you are all about vibrant colors and metallics, this is the ultimate set for you! 

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor set

From some of the best pigments to creating true masterpieces on paper, this set is known for its smoothness. The fact about these paints is that it dries with a somewhat shiny finish. 

MeiLiang Watercolor Paint set

Great for kids and beginners who are just hopping in the field of watercolors. The paints are highly pigmented, and there is no chalky or grainy feel making it relatively easy to paint. 

Artistro Paint set

Great for artists on the go; this paint set is designed with all the colors you might need to amplify your drawings. This will be your go-to asset for all the true hobbyists indulging in the art of creating masterpieces!

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