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Difference between watercolor and digital painting

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Watercolor, when mixed with water-soluble color inks, produces beautiful artwork. Glycerin, bovine bile, honey, and other preservatives vary the viscosity, concealing power, stability, and color of the pigment. One can create amazing artwork by utilizing all the creative space through the right tools and features. By watercolor paints, one can generate attractive effects such as shine and transparency. Digital painting utilizes digital technologies keeping in mind all the latest trends in the digital art scene.


  • Accuracy seems different. You can easily control the mouse for digital art, but stable hands for watercolor painting are difficult.
  • One can press undo to remove layers in digital art. It is harder to make changes in traditional art or watercolor painting.
  • Alpha Locking can lock the object in its position and paint accordingly, but watercolor requires a lot of control of your brushes.


 If you are into illustrations, graphic designing, and conceptual art, then it seems like you are interested in digital painting. The significant difference between digital painting and watercolor painting is that digital painting is easier to do, and the artist can resonate with it more relatively. Both paintings are not connected with gallery settings, so they do not leave an impact. In the long run, you might find digital painting cheap since there are numerous low-cost art applications in the industry. 

Want to sell your art digitally? Scan it or photograph it and then sell it!

Watercolor creates a base for digital art since it is the future of art. They are ancient paintings, but now in such modern times, the entire artwork is created digitally with the latest techniques. The watercolor animal portraits created through digital images use the tools and services options based on the software’s price and technology. It also depends on the platform it runs, such as Photoshop, GIMP, or Adobe Illustrator. 


If you want to add a solid texture to the watercolor painting, you can incorporate pigments and binders of watercolors producing one-of-a-kind paintings. The watercolor paper is an old carrier medium including bark, plastic, leather, fabric, wood, and watercolor canvas. If we talk about the modern digital art medium, we all know that it can only be created on a computer system with the help of software. When one uses various printing mediums for watercolor animal portraits, the final product gets printed on any desired surface, whether paper, wood, canvas, metal, or other. 

Digital art has the disadvantage of getting duplicated. You might have encountered some weird clients who do not consider watercolor painting well because they think anybody can get ideas from the internet and sell artwork. 



Application of washes and glazes of color for a detailed color variance!

  • After sketching, block in some significant areas of color. You can begin with a high chroma shadow and reserve the white of the canvas to achieve the lightest values. It’s on your wish if you want to earn an aesthetic and eye-catching look of the watercolor animal portraits with Photoshop’s natural media brushes or with your old ones. 
  • Add a texture to the watercolor photo for a grainy look. You can lessen the quantity of color or increase it to get a dark edge effect of watercolors. Then you need to lock the layer’s transparency and blend in with lighter to darker tones into the middle of the color space. 
  • For a watercolor painting, gradients play a significant role. Tighten up the details and enhance the look of the portraits of animals by adding more colors. You can keep the background dark or light and focus on the features of the pet, which should draw everybody’s attention. Try to enhance the watercolor glaze effect, and for extra realism, use gradients of color and remove even the slightest inaccurate bending of pigments on a palette. 

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