Painting Of Animals By Marnie

To work in the art industry is all about putting life on the canvas with the help of paints and dedication. Marnie is a dedicated artist who believes that our loved ones are meant to be remembered through art and its magic. We do this by providing services for painting animals. We know that every pet is like a family member and that you adore your little furry friends, so the best way to showcase your love for them is to take care of them and remember their endless love. Most pet owners come to us to get their deceased pets painted on canvas, and we respect that and dedicate our best time to that. These watercolor paintings of animals are a great gift idea for people deeply attached to their pets.

Every pet is unique, and each one of them has its distinct personality and its, attractive features, and daily habits. Our best work includes studying the nature and different pictures and angles of your pets to initiate an estimate about their best look on the canvas. Painting and then portraying the storyline behind that painting is a talent, but we ensure that you receive the best quality on 300 lb. watercolor paper. Each stroke tells a different story, and every stroke is vital to picture that image together. Our best quality paints, canvases, and brushes ensure that you receive high-quality paintings that will last a lifetime. Most of these paintings are very close to the owners and hold significant love and remembrance for their pets. Marnie is a dedicated professional artist who ensures that you receive the best artwork and make the most of your attachment through her talent!