Color up your life with watercolors from the expert hands of Marnie and her professional expertise! We are an individual set of people who believe that memories are meant to be remembered, and the best way to do that is by giving them a colorful life. We have you sorted whether you are looking for watercolor pet portraits or watercolor family paintings! Our excellence covers all pictures, the ones with your little furry friends and closest family. 

Marnie is an expert artist that believes in creating a masterpiece canvas. We offer watercolor printing services at your doorstep, with the process simplified to the core. Whether you want a personal watercolor portrait or a watercolor animal portrait, we are the one-stop solution to all your artsy needs! The process is simple: When you send us your photos and the deposit is complete, we send back the initial step of scanning the sketch and sending in the basic sketched layout of the drawing to process the watercolor paper printing services.

Best animal sketch painting

Best animal sketch painting provider


1 Subject – $120
2 Subjects – $200
3 Subjects – $280

1 Subject – $340
2 Subjects – $400
3 Subjects – $500


If you find any changes, we agree and accept all the changes. Our most significant task is to satisfy you with our watercolor pet portrait services because these art pieces are more than just colorful canvases. After the approval of your sketches, we will transfer them to the standard size of your recommendation. You can also choose the background of your watercolor dog portrait to make it start with all the other aesthetics of your house. Most of our customers come to us for watercolor dog painting, which is a great way to amplify the look of your living room, or if you have a designated play area in your house for your pets, then these paintings are just what you need!

After you approve the scan of your pet or person, it is time for us to hop off the coloring method and select the watercolor theme according to your liking. We will share the final painting for approval via email when we finish the coloring part, which is shipped straight to your desired address after the painting is matted and wrapped for shipping. Watercolor pets and their paintings can be a fascinating conversation started, especially if you have your little piece of heart looking like art!